Home In My Room On My Desk

I was downloading a very big file that needed 7 hours from Google Chrome and as i was downloading i was very happy when the download began with 90% as it reached 97% the electricity went off i had to … Continue reading

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dawa al 2shtrak?

23den bi hal beet saret al sa3a 6:00 dawrna al youm taro7 al kahrba 7adrna kal shi wa jahzna al waslat wa natrna al sa3a 6 ra7et al kahrba wa 3a 2asas yador al motor 2am ma dawro al 2a5 … Continue reading

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We were very happy with the new Dsl unlimited from 11 bellayl lal 7 sobe7 but the electricity went off and the moter ma bidor ba3ed el 12 Nba3sna!

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girl 3al lebnene

Dating somone for the first time, had uni, then work, then i have to go quickly to take a shower nzabbit halna lanedhar metel l 3alam wel nes.. Btousal 3a baytak.. ma fi may l bineye ( tlo3na bala douche) … Continue reading

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So, i just saw this site, perfect, la2annu 2add ma 3am nekol ba3sat, we finally have someplace we can store all the extras. So yea, heading to leb from dubai.. very excited about the electricity.

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Akid ma fi

Ya rab pls badna kahraba, barke inta btissma3lna!!!!

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Spineys UNHCR

Dear Sir, I am residing near the UNHCR building in Beirut, Lebanon near Spineys Jnah. Since 15 days, we have power outage problem due to UNHCR load on local post (located in the UNHCR building). Everyday weekday, power cuts from … Continue reading

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at 11:50 there was no kahraba and the battery of my laptop was about to die. I said :its ok i will recharge the batery when the kahraba comes at 12:00 and the fken kahraba didnt come till 6:00 am………NBA3ASNA

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One night in the mountains while watching a movie, there was no kahraba so at 11:30pm the generator stopped at 12:30am UPS died right before the movie end NBA3ASSNA!!

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I’ve been waiting for hours till the guy i have a crush on goes online (cuz dnt have enough courage to say it face 2 face)so i could finally confess that i luv him and as soon as i said … Continue reading

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