I just entered the contemplative category and saw how much lebanese people are sick and tierd of being lebanese, i just entered and saw how much they are suffering each day, our love relationships are bad cz of the tention … Continue reading

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Ma 3arif kif bade kafe 7ayete, kil wa7ad 3ayish la rasso, la GF, wou my friends ma 3am bibayno kil wa7ad ma3 sa7ibto, wou ahlete kil wa7ad bi masheklo. wou tabi3e metel mo3zam al lebnaniye ifles wou waja3 ras. bmajyitna … Continue reading

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Born in Qatar

Ana khle2et bi qatar. nba3asna

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Media fantasies

Wherever you go, whatever you do. its like life turns you upside down and shakes you for all the money, love, and happiness you have. Money aside, happiness and love do not exist. People keep thinking that there is such … Continue reading

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Mech hayyneh..

It’s enough to say I and 4 million others are LEBANESE…. nba3asna!!!! :D

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Mech hayneh

Mish hayne tkun Lebnene. Nba3asna.

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Mazbaleh bil HAMRA

Lebanese people will never be happy as long as they think that Lebanon is the best country ever,,, wake up & smell the coffee,,,lebanon is trash.. Nba3asna

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Falling down

I woke up today and realized again that i have to go to my worst job i have ever occupied in my whole life!!!!! Waking up to go to work is a BA3SA be 7ad zeta!!!! So i get to … Continue reading

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Beirut, Lebanon

Life is very boring in Lebanon. You live the same over and over again. How can people be satisfied with that? Lebanese people are becoming more and more shallow everyday. Nba3asna!

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Sara7a el ba3ssa el kbire ktir hiye eno khle2na bi balad metel lebnen. betle2e el lebnene ma fi a7ssan meno barra, neji7 bi cheghlo w meche 3al nizam w kel chi mni7 bass yeje 3a lebnen betle2i nhabal….so nba3asna

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