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2aratouna berghe bl sheghel…. w nba3asna :D

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Mkalles – Mansouriye

I’ve left my old company and joined a new one and my manager is so “Kesseye”…. nba3as w ba3asna ma3o ;)

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Hi there, My name is Tarek JOMAA and i am a mechanical Engineer graduated frm the lebanese University in 2009. I went then to France ( Le Mans specificaly) where i did a specialized master in motorsport engineering. I then … Continue reading

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Have been working for the same company li hiye based in dubai (graphic design), actually maktab kousa la ma7al khodra la wa7ad abou lira wil partner te3o bhim. sarle 1 year and a half ta2riban, zet l ma3ash, sarlna 2 … Continue reading

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talabna delivery 3al sheghel 2emna shfe2na 3al zalame 3tayne zyede 2000 lira delivery. jina talla3na bel fetoura tol3o ekhdin 2000 lira delivery men l asses. Nba3asna

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I quit my job and started my a new one a month ago and everything is going well. They found some minor things about me in the old work and now they are refusing to give me my bonus for … Continue reading

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At the office

My colleague and I work at the same office. He is sleepy all the time and keeps laying on his desk, while I work my ass off all day. Today, I was working hard and I had a big headache. … Continue reading

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we were at work, its 7:00 pm already, and we are getting prepared to leave.. and suddenly the Boss came up with a brilliant idea…. lets Order Crepe and sweets …. so we agreed..after waiting ( working at the same … Continue reading

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tones of experience, tones of knowledge in the retail field and no one is calling me about jobs despite 3000 cv sent to 3000 company !! nba3asna

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yel3an dina hal 7ayet ! ba3ed ma adayneha men ma7al la ma7al n2adem cv w ma ye2balouna w ma yemshe 7alna ! alla wafa2na bi work 3a addo w elna men shed 7alna :D ma3 eno la ma3ash moghre wala … Continue reading

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