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2aratouna berghe bl sheghel…. w nba3asna :D

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shawermanji ashrafieh

I heard there is a new place for shawerma in achrafieh near Leil Nhar we ordered chicken and beef shawerma. I can tell you one thing its not shawerma doesn’t have the taste of shawerma I would never eat there … Continue reading

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A ULFG3 Student who doesn’t like l jaw hunik

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Bakarji for tires, I bought two tires for 235$ each only to find out that they were 3 years old !!!!!! they didnt last more than 6 months, started deflating and were bulged. they said it was because of “my … Continue reading

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Zahle Lebanon

RealNet Bekaa Internet provider promises unlimited internet as a Terranet reseller, I found out that they are actually tricking their customers by only letting traffic through go to max speed to convince their customers that they are getting speeds … Continue reading

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Ashrafieh Beirut

Sarleh nater se3a w tlet terbe3 la video porno ta3moul load w ma zabatit Nba3asna

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Well the thing is, I smoke weed from time to time, no big deal. I dont buy or possess any, but if it’s there why not share a smoke with a friend. My uncle (joz 5alte) knows about it and … Continue reading

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Ana 2arraret 2echtre tablet w tkoun r5isa chway, ya3ne b7doud 200 $ So ba3ed ma 3melet reaserch chou l mnesib, na22et l ECS TM105A 7a22a 220$ w fiya intel processor w 2ossa kbire ! mn 3nd PC&parts w keno 2ar5as … Continue reading

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So kent 7ebbo ktiir la my bf w hek w mt3l2a fi ktiir nd he used to have sex with his ex’s w hek so he asked me if I would agree nd ru7 3a his place w n3ml sex … Continue reading

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Born and lived abroad my whole life never having visited Lebanon. Came to live in Lebanon. nba3asna.

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