in 2009 me and my friend wanted to smoke some weed , so 3a se3a 12:00 belel habalneha winzelna 3a beirut to get some stuff . we get the stuff while and on the way back to saida 2ta3itna sayara benzein 3a 7ajez il 2waly hay 2wwal ba3sa .
2nd ba3sa none of us had any 250 l.l bil jayby for the feul , we took 5000 from a guy we met and we got binzen .
3rd ba3sa the problem was not about feul -.- but some elecricity problem and the sky starts raining and the clock was 2:30 am , .lmohom 25er zabatlna il seyara wa7ad and wsolna 3al bet wada5ana saroo5 3al se3a 5:00 il sobo7 ,so addayna layle mali2a bil ba3sat,,,,W NBA3ASNAAAA

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