French embassy appointment

I woke up very early prepared myself…I was in a hurry i had a french exam in the french embassy so that i go study in paris…the test was at 9:30 in Sodeco. i was in connex from north i arrived to Charles Helou at 9:15, and i had brought the laptop with me! it was a friday and there was a lot of traffic…i went out of connex ran like hell under the sun…After racing with time i arrived to the embassy at 9:40 all sweaty smelly, breathing fast…i found a long line on the entrance..i waited…nd i had the laptop with me…once i arrived at the door…the security told me u cannot enter the laptop with you ..u shld put it away outside the embassy…i couldt put it anywhere and i can’t give it to anyone…time passed and the exam passed nd i could’t do it…i paid 50,000LL for it…and i never went to france…Nba3asna

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  1. BKH says:

    you know, in canada we have stores which are located near major embassies (like the american one). you can store your cellphone, laptop,…. in their stores so you can enter the embassy and don't encounter such incidents. these stores charge about $5 for storing an item. it might be a good business idea for lebanon too ;)

  2. put a sock in it says:

    no items would be stolen in lebanon :D

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