Concordia University

I’m in class and this really hot girl with an angels booty walks up to the professor to hand in her assignment and I get the best glimpse of her ba donk a donk and as a natural lebanese reflex i say “kiss the sister of beauty” in arabic… You guys figure it out, she turns around to me and gives me the worst ja2ra on earth, I later on find out from another girl that this bootylicious work of art is half lebanese “Nba3asna for the semester”

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10 Responses to Concordia University

  1. 12 lover says:

    not really…. may be it'll turn out not to be a ba3sa

  2. Cookie says:

    Well, it always starts with a "ja2ra" :p
    You never know what might happen next lol.

  3. Guest says:

    Ja2ra fa ibtisama ;) if you know what I mean

  4. tiger 33 says:

    thnx guys lol diggin the optimism :D

  5. Mark says:

    80% men concordia are arabs :P Guess it wasnt ur lucky day…

  6. allah says:

    nohad!!! shamse

  7. Saleem says:

    talk to her .. u never know

  8. Reem says:

    hahahahaa nice one!

  9. lulu says:

    u werent swearin at her !!! as u said its a normal reaction or a normal lebanese guy !!

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