Evading the speed radars in Beirut

I like driving at high speed and that is one of the reasons that I love being in Lebanon!! Since they started applying the new speeding tickets rules, I earned 2 tickets! So I decided to download an application on my cell phone to uncover where those pesky radars are. But the application is not accurate enough and didn’t show me the radar that caught me, and my 3rd speeding ticket was issued – Nba3asna

Nov 17 | Driving/Traffic, Favorites Share

3 Responses to Evading the speed radars in Beirut

  1. Ali says:

    haha no wassim they probably wont put any1 in jail even if they get 200 tickets, putting u in jail is an expense for them so they wud rather have u out speeding and making money ;)

  2. Cookie says:

    "I like driving at high speed"
    What are you, 14? No offense but i'm glad radars are here now, it basically stopped morons from expressing themselves behind the wheels.

  3. fellow mab3ous says:

    Ok Listen man, delete this app .. I heard you can pay up to thousands of dollars and 3-5 years of jail because of it … now we wouldn't want THAT … would we ? :) why take the risk

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