Bad Food Hygiene at Chopsticks Beirut City Center

I have always been picky at choosing restaurants with good reputation and clean environment and boy did i get this one wrong.

I visited Chopsticks at Beirut City Center on Sunday the 7th July 2013 at 7:00pm, the group in front of me ordered their food and after stuggling to choose something, they took their beeper and went to sit down waiting to be paged.
I placed my order for myself, my family and my parents and walked and waited at the pickup desk.

the order of the group in front of me finished and they picked it up and went back to their seats.

Two minutes later the male customer came back and informed the employee at the till that he didn’t like his order and wanted to change it.

To my shock, the employee ( tall guy with a pony tale) said yes, and emptied the customers plate back onto the prepared food dish that is waiting to be served to customers.

when i saw what happened and pointed it out to the other employee that was preparing the trays, he smiled and answered: “we normally ask customers if they have eaten from the plate and if not we will return the food”

1- i was standing there and no one asked the customer if he ate from the plate.
2- the customer said he didn’t like the food,,,,well that means he tasted it or touched his food in the plate.
3- the 2nd employee played it down like it is usual practice to return used food to the trays.
4- i could see that they informed some supervisor, and pointed me out, but no one came to talk or apologize.

Do these employees get food and hygiene training????????


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Ma Fi Metlo replays

I look forward to Ma Fi Metlo’s episodes on MTV’s website almost every week. I don’t live in Lebanon and it’s been a way to experience some Lebanese humor. Unfortunately the show has been showing more and more violence in what’s supposed to be a comedy show. Guns, computers exploding, people beating each other, … Violence is not funny ya MTV. Nba3asna.

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LibanPost photocopy

LibanPost charges 1000 LL. for a photocopy.
I wonder how much they make from this extra business.

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Canelle tabaris

They very unwelcoming, they only speak french while i’m english educated, they made 150,000 lbp for a cake… I called back after 5 minutes to change the type of cake, they refuse… So nba3asna

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I saw Salamlak Restaurant advertising in the airplane magazine while coming back to beirut after a business trip.
I thought that this will be a good place t0 have a dinner with my familly and specially that we like such restaurant food.
Our experience was so disappointing, waiters were unprofessional, they take the freedom to decide how many plates to put on table and charge us, the food was so bad … in summary “Nba3asna”

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republic (zalka)

I went me and my fiance and we ordered a platter of burger with mushroom sauce it was at 8 pm at 10 we were at hospital room my fiance spend 3 days in hospital coz of the sauce ,, after 1 month we were invited back so we went but akid we didn’t ordered coz we have a bad history so i told the manager that my fiance was poisoned so this professional manager told us it happens….hahahaha so nba3asna

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Wedding plans this summer

6 Weddings = 6 x hair, 6 x make-up, minimum 3 dresses, 6 wedding lists… do i have to say moreee!!! $$$ Nba3asna

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Masters GPA requirements for AUB

Required GPA for Masters admission in aub: 2.75
LAU graduate CCE, nbasatna w admamna al Aub w i was ectatic GPAyna 3.3.
It turned out, there’s a special case for LAU students, and the requirements for us is above 3.5. Nba3asna

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Moved back to Lebanon!

Came back home to Lebanon after living 5 years abroad. Fell in love with a cute handsome man in Leb, loved crazy, still in love and now planning for our future together… (ma) nba3asna :)

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Tannoura Maxi

I went to the cinema with my girlfriend, we had a choice of three movies: horror, Titanic 3D, or Tannoura Maxi.
We picked Tannoura Maxi expecting a romantic, or at least good, movie …. It was closer to a bad porn movie and lasted 2 hours….. soo… nba3asna

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